Kinect Workshops

Zigfu offers workshops to teach the principles of designing Kinect-based user interfaces and integrating the Kinect with the Unity3D game engine. Each workshop consists of two days of personal guidance from our founding team. Contact us at for dates and pricing.

Learn to use Unity3D with the Kinect from the world experts

Zigfu offers workshops on learning to use the Unity3D game engine with the Kinect. Our team has written and maintained the Kinect-Unity3D software bindings for over a year, and we have extensive experience with developing motion-based games, digital signage, and art installations in Unity.

  • Fusing RGB, depth, and skeleton data for rich AR
  • Retargeting avatars and 3D models
  • Player selection and top level game flow
  • In game menus
  • Gesture detection

Learn to design a gesture-based user interface

Designing a gesture-based user interface is not easy. Our workshops guide you through the process of constructing several different paradigms of user interaction, including horizontal and vertical list scrolling and item selection, virtual touchscreens, and skeleton-based interactions. We teach how to maximize the usability, responsiveness, and reliability of each interface paradigm while minimizing the learning curve for users.

  • Learn about UX considerations for gesture driven UI
  • Design interfaces for multiple input paradigms (gestures, mouse, keyboard)
  • Interfaces for sitting down, lean back scenarios (living room) vs. standing up (conferences, kiosks)