ZDK For JavaScript

Make your website motion-controlled with a few lines of JavaScript and HTML! The ZDK JavaScript bindings give you access to the depth, image, and skeleton data from the Kinect as well as control over the type of user engagement and some higher-level abstractions for user interface components. Written in idiomatic JavaScript, it interacts seamlessly with most popular JavaScript frameworks, including JQuery, prototype.js, and MooTools.


zig.js .99b

Use zig.js to develop gesture driven webpages, motion driven HTML5 games!

zig.js (minified) v0.99b

Getting Started

First install the watermarked version of our plugin for free. Then the easiest way to get started with ZDK for JavaScript is with our Tutorials and Recipes. You can also use our API Documentation.


  • $100 per install for our watermark-free plugin. 

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  • Resell a watermark-free version of our plugin as part of a standalone application for $100 per install

    • For use in Kiosks, Signage and Interactive Displays
    • Contact info@zigfu.com for information about licensing our browser plugin for large deployments.